Use of Galera db on Bad networks

Galera mariadb cluster with active active working logic can write and read from all the notes, write operations are somewhat expensive but read about and always being online is a pretty good solution. But If you are working in different datacenteres and these datacenters are experiencing connection problems with each other, you may experience serious problems with default installations. We work in 3 different Datacenterda. One of These Datacenteris a Turkish service provider that frequently has connectivity issues. When this service provider is disconnected from the system, the Galera cluster becomes unavailable, and when we try to get It back on its feet, the default rsync sync system tries to synchronize, meanwhile it locks the databases and ultimately and hung the whole system. As a solution for This situation, I propose that you use Mariadbbackup as a synchronization method. This method will ensure that your system runs much healthier because it is progressely through the backups it receives and does not specifically lock the other side.